It’s Your City, Tell Your Story

Everybody loves a story…and every city has its own legends. We have found a special way for cities to share their folklore – welcome miami walk of fame groupto the ‘Honor Walk” from Walk of Fame International. Walk of Fame International partners with local governments to commemorate key elements and people in a city’s history. We accomplish this in a unique and entertaining manner with custom-created pathways featuring medallions, public art, landscaping enhanced by accompanying apps, websites, games and contests. Our business wsor-feetplan invigorates cities’ promenade districts while raising funds that can be used for a variety of ventures, including city improvement projects.

You’ll find that an Honor Walk is the kind of project people gravitate towards, whether they are business partners or tourists. Open 24 sports sculpturehours a day, the Honor Walk’s potential for ancillary marketing and merchandising streams are unlimited, and these possibilities are very exciting. Each medallion and each ceremony offers sponsorship, licensing, merchandising and branding opportunities that will extend the value and reach of the city’s Honor Walk and Walk of Fame International. Major corporations are eager to share black british heritage plaquein the excitement and fun of our project.

This exciting new attraction has been embraced by local governments for several cities and communities in Southern California. Our project reach includes Culver City, Watts, San Diego and El Segundo, and we are now expanding Walk of Fame projects to other U.S. cities, big and small. Once the Honor Walk is established in the United States, historical signageWalk of Fame aims to go international; enlivening the pedestrian districts and telling the unique tales of cities throughout the world.

The Walk of Fame International Honor Walk celebrates your city’s history. It stimulates pedestrian districts and raises funds for city improvement projects. It’s a free, fun tourist attraction that will bring smiles to peoples’ faces. It’s the kind of project that provides something for everyone involved.

Please contact us for details and investment opportunities.

Jodi Summers

Walk of Fame International




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