Target Audience and Funding Milestones

The Wall Street of the Rockies app and website is an effective way to denver-skylinecreate a new destination attraction in Downtown Denver. The appeal of this app is long-term and broad-based, appealing to locals, visitors and commuters.

Individuals who may enjoy this app include:

  • Visitors – Denver welcomed 16.4 million overnight visitors in 2015.
  • Commuters – 103,377,797 individuals Ride Denver RTD trains each year.

  • Locals – Approximately 10,977 people live in zip code 80202 (2013 statistics)

den-skyline-4-14-09-33-of-39This dynamic Downtown Denver neighborhood has a bright future. Residents in local zip code 80202 have a per capita income of $63,797 including all adults and children. The median household income is $67,741.  Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 40.10%.

Tourism also has a big impact on Downtown Denver. Home to some of the City’s most-loved hotels, overnight visitors spent a record $5 billion in 2015 – a growth of 9% from the previous year. Guests denver_union_station_exteriospent more than $1.5 billion in Denver hotels and other lodging establishments, and $1 billion on food and beverages. Purchases at retail stores were $627 million, while vacationers and business travelers spent $437 million on the city’s paid attractions and other recreational and sightseeing activities.

On average in 2015, the biggest spenders were business travelers, denver-business-travellerwho spent $149 per day; followed by marketable leisure visitors who spent $136 per day, then followed by people visiting friends and relatives, who spent $71 per day. Each of those figures increased over 2014.

The Wall Street of the Rockies app and website is an effective way to create a new destination attraction in Downtown Denver that appeals to all locals, visitors and commuters with an interest in Denver history.

Here are the Funding Milestones for the Wall Street of the Rockies app and website:

App/Website Development

Milestone 1 – $7,000

Milestone 2 – $7,000

Milestone 3 – $7,000

Content Development Expenses for 37+/- Historical Medallion Honor Walk   

Research – $6,000

Content procurement – $3,000

Content creation – $10,000

Editing, formatting and input – $5,000


1 year of app/website maintenance – $6,000


Marketing – $3,500

Additional Build out Milestones

Game – $3,500

Audio – $4,000

Virtual Realty – $5,000

Union Station tour – $18,000

Architecture tour –   $24,000










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