Title Sponsor

The intent of Walk of Fame International is to create a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our business partners. Title Sponsor is our highest status of sponsorship and recognizes the absolute vodka hollywood walk of famemost significant contribution from a company.

  • By joining us as a Title Sponsor, your company is presented with excellent opportunities to enhance your name or brand within the fiber of the Walk of Fame project. A great example of this sponsorship pairing is the manner which Gibson Guitar works with Nashville’s Music City Walk of Fame project. Notice, there is -music-city-walk-of-famea silhouette of a Gibson Guitar on each and every sidewalk medallion.

While Gibson gets top patron billing, there are other sponsors involved in the project. Music City Walk of Fame additional sponsors include GAC, the City of Nashville and Metro Parks. Press releases and announcements read like this: The Music City Walk of Fame is being produced with the support of Gibson Guitar, the City of Nashville and Metro Parks.

In addition to ongoing special recognition, the title sponsor is provided:

  • Shared media opportunities.Barclays Premier League
  • Highlighting the title sponsor’s brand in media.
  • Customized social media and marketing campaigns.
  • TV and film credits.
  • Recognition from the podium at all staged events.
  • Opportunities to appear on television programs and live events which are created with your support.
  • Videos and photos about the partnership will be created and shared.
  • Online your business will be:
    • Honored with a section on our website.
    • Flattered with cleverly placed sponsor guest posts, links and affiliations.USOpen-Olympus
    • Abundant banner and box advertising.
    • Your own blog.
  • There will be many visual branding opportunities.
  • Email introductions.
  • The rights to use the brand image.
  • Event banners.
  • Certificate of appreciation.
  • Bountiful employee perks.
  • A unique opportunity to have the decisive voice on the inclusion of other sponsors involved in the walk of fame project.
  • Subject to the rules of the City, the Title Sponsor may be recognized with a special medallion award located along the walk or on a highly-visible Honor Wall adjacent to the Walk of Fame.

Celebrate your City with Walk of Fame International. We partner with local governments to honor their City using custom-created wall and sidewalk medallions, apps, urban trails, websites, games, contests and incentives.