Technical Sponsor

Technical Sponsors will play a pivotal role in Walk of Fame projects. All events need businesses like these that are willing to offer partial or full payment of goods and services (for example, medical equipment, staging, and make-up, organization of transportation or lodging…on and on…).technical sponsors

You will have:

  • Appreciated in event-related materials.
  • Banner placement at appropriate occasions.
  • Recognition by event speakers from the podium.
  • Offered guest posts.
  • Press opportunities.
  • Box and banner advertising.
  • Visual branding possibilities.
  • Media, social media and marketing materials will praise our connection.
  • You will receive fitting name and/or logo placement on our website.
  • There will be web pages with details and benefits of our connection.
  • Additional opportunities may include film credits and television programs.
  • The right to use the image.
  • Certificate of appreciation.

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