General Sponsor

The support of our General Sponsors will allow us to highlight the elements that make the Honor Walk and related events noteworthy.canada walk of fame

For our fine patrons there will be:

  • Event and pre-event naming opportunities.
  • Signage at the celebration.
  • Recognition by event speakers from the podium.
  • Press availabilities.
  • Tailored shout outs in media, social media, marketing, film credits and television programs.general sponsor hockey
  • There will be a media campaign praising our affiliation.
  • Favorably placed website ads, links and logos.
  • The rights to use the image.
  • Certificate of appreciation.
  • Employee perks.

Celebrate your City with Walk of Fame International. We partner with local governments to honor their City using custom-created wall and sidewalk medallions, apps, urban trails, websites, games, contests and incentives.