Sponsorship and Grant Opportunities

Walk of Fame International crafts sponsor partnership programs to complement the City’s custom-created wall and sidewalk medallions programs. Our apps, urban trails, art, storyboards, websites, games, thank you to our platinum sponsorscontests, celebrations and incentives, all offer sponsor  opportunities.

Our wide swath of applications allow for many layers of support and advertising opportunities. These sponsorship options include choices of specific Honor Walk locations and medallions using customized media and marketing projects.

As we hold 501(c)3, non-profit status, Walk of Fame International is Sponsor-backgroundin a position to facilitate excellent corporate sponsorship opportunities. As part of this public-private partnership, Walk of Fame International will work in conjunction with the city, its chamber of commerce and civic leaders to produce special partnership programs.

Please check out our Sponsorship Menu below and see which offerings appeal to your corporate agenda. Some levels of sponsorship may be recognized with a special medallion award placed along the walk, or in a highly-visible, Honor Wall location adjacent to the Walk of Fame.

For more information please contact:

Jodi Summers

Walk of Fame International





Sponsorship Menu

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Celebrate your City with Walk of Fame International. We partner with local governments to honor their City using custom-created wall and sidewalk medallions, apps, urban trails, websites, games, contests and incentives.