Official Sponsor

Our Official Sponsors will be recognized by category. You may choose to be our “Official Technology Partner,” “Official Shoe official sponsorPartner,” “Official Medical Partner,” “Official Hat,” “Official Sun Block”…

You will have:

  • Event and pre-event naming opportunities.official sponsor McDonalds
  • Inclusion in press releases and occasion programs.
  • Recognition from the podium.
  • Press availabilities.
  • Useful name and/or logo placement in media, social media and marketing campaigns praising your involvement and highlighting our association.marriot official sponsor
  • Banner at appropriate events.
  • There will be opportunities for film and TV credits.
  • Online features include:
    • Name and/or logo placement on our website.
    • Banner and box ads.
    • Guest posts.
    • A section with details and benefits of our connection.
  • Your display will receive strong positioning appropriate events.
  • There will be event-related materials.official sponsor Hyundi
  • Visual branding and co-marketing possibilities.
  • The right to use the image.
  • Certificate of appreciation.
  • Employee Perks.

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