with Acid–Etched Logo

What could be more metal than a guitar pick made from the oldest metal in the galaxy?

This 4.5-billion-year-old Iron-Nickel Meteorite hurtled through space for eons before it finally collided into Earth. It was discovered by expert meteorite hunters, then, shaped and acid-etched to create this singularly distinctive guitar pick pendant. Help fans celebrate with a true piece of “rock history” made from the world’s oldest known substance.

These are available in their exposed geologic state with the iconic
Widmanstätten pattern on vivid display. Or, if you prefer, you can have your guitar pick laser embellished with the logo or wording of your choice.

Iron-Nickel Meteorites hale from the outermost reaches of our solar
system…where they were once the molten core of asteroids. Their unique metallic composition matches that of our Earth’s magnetic core. These deep-time planetoids travelled through countless lightyears, shattered into pieces as they plummeted through our planet’s atmosphere and landed on terra firma. Locating meteorites are difficult, making them incredibly rare!


Each pick features a distinct design within the meteorite, known as the Widmanstätten Pattern. Acid etching enhances the Widmanstätten Pattern and specimens are of great interest to collectors.

  • Approximate size: 1-inch triangle with rounded edges.
  • Composition: Nickel-Iron Meteorite, sliced and acid-etched for superior appreciation.
  • Can be laser-etched with your logo (minimum of 30).
  • Rust resistant because space pressure resulted in tight fitting crystals with a lack of inclusions.
  • A memorable piece of merchandising that will be worn regularly and be displayed in high visibility environments.
  • Working guitar pick.

> Guitar pick pendant with laser writing- minimum order 30 pieces = $130 per piece.

> Guitar pick pendant no writing – 1-10 pieces = $135 each. 11-50 pieces = $125 each.

  • For more info please contact:

tel/text: 310.430.9749


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