Watts, Los Angeles, California

Watts Our Town – Watch Our Community Grow

A Neighborhood Prosperity Project for the Watts Cultural Crescent

Laser Cut Tree Guard

The Watch Our Community Grow display will aid in establishing a wayfinding path between the Watts Towers and the 103rd Street Train Station, bringing attention to local artists and crafting more local art for this very talented neighborhood.

The Watch Our Community Grow project compliments the Watts Our Town vision presented by the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department and is part of President Obama’s 2016 Promise Zone watts-towers selfieeconomic encouragement neighborhoods.

The Watts Our Town document anticipates an Artist Pathway to link the community’s two properties on the National Register of Historic Places; the Watts’ Towers and the 103rd Street Train Station. The Department of Cultural Affairs Arts Activation grant will be used to create a long-term installation of community designed tree guards and drought-tolerant shade and fruit trees to line the Pathway.

24 Inch Box Shumard Oak 1The initial installation of trees for Watts – Watch Our Community Grow (WOCG) will feature four different species of 7-8 year-old fruit shade trees, the maturity of which will be similar to the 24-inch box size in the photo. Our budget will allow the trees to be supplied, planted and maintained for 3 years.

City Plants will provide locally grown trees. The mission of City bold tree guardsPlants is to expand and maintain LA’s green canopy.

The LA Conservation Corps will plant and maintain the trees for the first three years. The LA Conservation Corps (http://lacorps.org/) is the nation’s largest urban conservation corps and LA’s preeminent youth development organization. Over la conservaiton corps backgroundthe past 22 years, the LA Corps has engaged more than 20,000 young people in environmental service projects like tree planting to improve the quality of life across greater L.A. The LA Conservation Corps has been the most prolific planter oftree guard weavepublic space trees in Los Angeles. Neighborhood youth will be employed through the Conversation Corps to maintain the trees.  Advocates will be invited to choose their preferred species of trees at a community meeting.

One of the goals of WOCG is to bolster the concept of where there is life, there is art…each of the newly planted trees will be protected by a tree guard designed by a local Watts artists. Each tree guard will be a minimum of two feet high, two feet long and two feet wide. tree-guards-sinus-09-bThe locally-designed artist-created tree guard will protect the tree and foster the proliferation of art in the community.


Community advocates will approve the tree guard designs that will help guide the way from the 103rd St. Station to the Watts Towers.

Artists selected to create the tree guards for the WOCG project will each be endowed with $1,200 to create their tree guard. A web page will be produced for each artist, highlighting the new tree guard, their creative accomplishments and intentions, as well as offering appropriate links. Media promotion will be planned for the installation of each tree guard.

On the day the trees are planted, City Plants will hold a shade tree adoption event. In conjunction with the DWP, City Plants will bring 100 trees in 5-gallon containers to give away at the tree adoption Tree+Guard+Model_2event. Residents will also have the opportunity to sign up to receive several free fruit and shade trees from City Plants. The Los Angeles Conservation Corps, will deliver them to residents’ homes along with stakes, ties, and fertilizer pellets.

There will be a comprehensive media campaign promoting the Watts Our Town – Watch Our Community Grow project. Online, the artists and the Watch Our Community Grow project will be featured on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Press releases will be sent to steve-tomlinson-park-entrances-and-tree-guardsoffline media such as newspapers and television, garnering additional attention for the artist and for the Watts Our Town – Watch Our Community Grow project.

The vision for Phase II of this endeavor is to work with the selected artists to create merchandising from their tree well designs. These products may be sold onsite at the local arts center and online. The profits from the sale of the artists’ designed merchandise would be shared between the artists and a tree guard metal diesgnfund to perpetuate the Watts Our Town – Watch Our Community Grow tree plantings and guard design. Phase II will create a fund to allow for new trees and new artists to be nurtured each planting cycle.

Walk of Fame International endeavors to secure ancillary itemsadditional sponsors, investors, grant opportunities and merchandising contacts to accomplish the Watch Our Community Prosper chapter of the of the WOCG project.The WOCG long term vision is to plant a set of trees with locally-created tree guards each year and then allow Watts and individuals in the community to profit from the merchandising. Watch Our Community Grow – A NeighborhoodMesh_BenchProsperity Project’s goal is to create a self-perpetuating source of revenues for the Watts community.

A little about us:

Walk of Fame International collaborates with the local government as a public/private partnership. Working as a 501(c)3 allows many aspects of the project to be tax deductible.  Based on the City’s objectives, WoFI customizes walk and trail models that work with the city’s budget, infrastructure and objectives. Please visit www.walkoffameinternational.com for details.

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