Culver City, California


Culver City’s challenge is how to bridge the 3/10ths of a mile from the Expo Station to beyond the Washington/Culver intersection. culver city expo stationThat section of Washington Blvd. is long and nondescript with an automobile dealership on one side and studio walls on the other. Walk of Fame International is working with Culver City to turn a heavily traveled bland and overlooked piece of sidewalk into a dynamic new gateway to Culver City,

What better way for the Heart of Screenland to bridge the gap than wiard of oztheir own Yellow Brick Walk? Few cities can boast a reason for putting in something as fanciful as a yellow road. It will become immediately unique and memorable to Culver City.

Inlaid medallions will remind locals and visitors about when John Wayne owned the Culver Hotel, and share other stories of Culver City’s film and television heritage. The vision is to turn this heavily-John Wayne Gravetraveled, overlooked piece of sidewalk into a dynamic new gateway to Culver City.

This sponsored Honor Walk of inlaid commemorative medallions honoring Culver City’s contributions to the world will run along culver city station walkWashington Blvd. from the Expo Station to the Washington/Culver intersection. 18”x 24” metal medallions will honor accomplishments that took place in Culver City. Every inlay will be geotagged, allowing any device to access the story behind the medallion, as well as secrets, Sponsor information, local details and advertising.

Please click here to request a  place on the Walk. You’ll be pleased to know that sponsorship fees are tax deductible and may be used for City improvements.

The design of the sidewalk medallion, pending City Council approval, will be a film theme similar to Culver City’s current culver city signssignage. The Culver City Yellow Brick Walk medallion be a modifed film frame, vertical, among other variations. Each sidewalk inlay will feature Culver City’s name between the sprockets on top and the Sponsor’s name between the sprockets on the bottom, and the honored accomplishment highlighted in an 18” square middle. The template is being designed in conjunction with the City.

gone with the windEach medallion will be geotagged for easy digital identification. Websites will be built for each subject of honor. Sites will launch as the commemorative medallion is unveiled. (As an add-on, there are several City-approved medallion unveiling celebration packages available to promote the public unveiling of your piece of local history.)

Please click here to nominate a person, business or thing relevant to Culver City.

There will be a comprehensive media campaign promoting the medallions on Culver City’s Yellow Brick Walk. Campaigns are planned for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Press culver city light rail mapreleases will be sent to offline media such as newspapers and television, garnering additional attention for the artist and for the Culver City’s Yellow Brick Walk.

Metro anticipates that more than 30,000 people a day will ride the Expo line train…that’s close to 11 million people annually. Your brand will be at their fingertips and under their feet.


Enjoy the invitation.


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