It’s Your City, Tell Your Story

We have an exciting new attraction which will share your City’s successes and achievements.  Our “Honor Walk” will unite your City behind a project geared to the public good. It will invigorate your walking districts, share the stories of the City and bring in revenues.

Your City’s customized Honor Walk will:shania walk of fame canada

  1. Celebrate your City.
  2. Become a new attraction.
  3. Boost tourism.
  4. Stimulate pedestrian districts.
  5. Enhance economic development.
  6. Augment the sense of open space.
  7. Increase local pride.
  8. Raise funds for City projects.

Operating in conjunction with city governments, business and community groups, Walk of Fame International crafts Honor Walks designed stimulate cities’ pedestrian areas. We do this while raising funds that can be used for a variety of ventures, including City improvement projects.

appsHonor Walks incorporate a customized combination of medallions, plaques, art, interpretive signs, apps, websites, games, contests and other innovations to share a memorable local experience.

Your City’s Honor Walk may be specialized like the Long Beach Motorsports Walk of Fame or the Boston Freedom Trail. Your path whitney-houston-walk-of-famemay encompass aspects of your City’s history similar to Asheville’s Urban Trail.  We will work together to design what’s best for your community.

Honor Walks are paid in a variety of ways. Sponsorship has been  effective for  urban trails like the Music City and Hollywood Walks of Fame, Palm Springs Walk of Stars or San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Trail.

Each Honor Walk can be a major attraction like the Hollywood Walk of Fame or a subtle part of the city such as the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

It’s your City, tell your story.

Walks of specific interest to your City may include may unite many diverse subjects. Tribute concepts include any combination of Boston freedom trailentertainment figures, sports stars, community heroes, historic moments, noteworthy architecture, local government, business achievements, technology innovations and creative accomplishments, among other ideas.

An Honor Walk is a project people gravitate toward. Whether you are a resident, local business person or visitor, you will become a fan of these informative entertaining and accessible streets.

Open 24 hours a day, your Honor Walk’s potential for ancillary marketing and merchandising streams are unlimited.-music-city-walk-of-fame

Each medallion and every honor ceremony offers  opportunities for sponsorship, licensing, merchandising and branding.  This ongoing publicity will extend the value and reach of the City and the Honor Walk.

Major corporations have already shown interest in sharing in the excitement and fun of our projects.

You Honor Walk will be a free, fun tourist attraction that will bring smiles to peoples’ faces.  It’s the kind of project that provides rewards for everyone involved.

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Celebrate your City with Walk of Fame International. We partner with local governments to honor their City using custom-created wall and sidewalk medallions, apps, urban trails, websites, games, contests and incentives.